Nerd In Disguise

by Tonezee

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released June 13, 2011

Mixed and Mastered @ the Matrix Studio by No1 for Grind Affiliatez



all rights reserved


Tonezee Portsmouth, Virginia

Nerdcore rapper from Virginia that makes fast nerdy rhymes over high energy beats and samples mixed with a punk rock look and matching attitude.

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Track Name: King of Monsters
From the depth of the ocean
100 meters tall
Ground starts shaking
Buildings start to fall
He's the new definition
Of the word ginormous
nuclear mutation
Of a Godzillasaurus
Natural disaster
Of size and mass
Sharp claws and teeth
And a nuclear blast
Dark grey skin
Spikes down his back
And a real long tail
For a tail whip smack
If you see him coming
Then you're under attack
He's the king of the monsters
And that's a fact
Either on land
Or in the sea
Nobody can stop
His legacy
Doing what he wants
Like he owns this bitch
Since he first showed up
In 56
Walking thru your city
Knocking everything down
If you live in Japan
Then he's coming to your town

OOOH NO, oh no
They say he's got to go
Go Go Godzilla
Chaos is what he brings
In a world full of monsters
He's the king
OOOH NO, oh no
There goes Tokyo
Go Go Godzilla
So stay out of his way
Fighting off giant aliens
To Save the day

Oh no here we go
Time to excite
The life of Godzilla
Eat sleep and fight
Always throwing down
With the military
Cause he's so destructive
It's kind of scary
Even giant monsters
Can't avoid profiling
So he keeps it on the low
On monster island
Nobody can stop him
Doing things his way
When the world stops hating
When he saves the day
When aliens try
To invade Japan
With king Gidora
Or Giga
Godzilla shows up
And screws up the plan
With the help of Mothra
Or Rodan
Cause it's hard taking over the
Human race
When the king of the monsters
Is defending the place
With his trademark roar
Sound or his voice
When protecting the world
He's the weapon of choice


Too big for a world
Where it's hard to function
When everything you do
Equals mass destruction
So don't get in his way
Or you'll make him mad
You don't wanna feel the wrath
Of a single dad
With 2 adopted sons
One walks with a wobble
The other looks like the dudes
From bubble bobble
Teaching them survival
No time for hugs
When fighting sea monsters
And giant bugs
Alien invasions
And Mecca cyborgs
King Kong
And over grown dinosaurs
And it doesn't really matter
If it's one on two
He'll fight everybody at once
If he has too
Cause, 3x
(He don't back down From no one)
No he don't back down
Even if you're bigger
Or made of lead
Or can fly through the air
Or have three heads (what?!)
he don't back down from no one
No he don't back down

Now throw your hands
Way up in the air
And run the other way
Like Godzilla was there
Freak out if you know what I mean
And SCREAM! 2x